Introducing the ReStore Collection Live Auction!


The Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore is proud to announce the launch of its new ReStore Collection. The ReStore collection features high-end antiques, listed works of art, china, silver and other collectibles to be sold in a live auction to help Morris ReStore earn the highest return on fine items you donate.

In between online auctions, you can now buy high-end merchandise from the ReStore Collection directly from this web site.  View the items that are currently for sale online>> 

You can also purchase vintage furniture, original art and unique accent pieces on display in the ReStore Collection boutique at the back of the store.

Donations for the ReStore Collection Live Online Auction can be arranged by calling 973.891.1934 ext. 129 or may be dropped off directly at the ReStore.

Items that we are accepting for our next auction include:

  • Purses
  • Coin collections
  • Antiques
  • China
  • Silver
  • Listed artwork
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Other valuable collectibles

Help us reach our goal of
with your generous donation!




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For more information:
Call: 973.891.1934 ext. 129

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