Business Donations in Newark, Jefferson, Bridgewater, Summit, Berkeley Heights & Surrounding Areas

Corporate Donations

Most business owners struggle with disposing of slow moving inventory or old office décor, and many overlook the option of donating these items as corporate donations to a local nonprofit or charitable organization. Habitat for Humanity ReStore serves as the perfect charity for business owners who are looking to make room for new stock or office furniture. We gladly accept new and like-new merchandise that is 100% operable and in excellent condition. The inventory we receive is sold to the general public to raise funds to build affordable housing for deserving families throughout our local communities.

We have a thorough process for ensuring that any general or corporate donations that we take into our facility are of high quality. We are dedicated to supplying a large, diverse inventory to our shoppers, but we are sometimes limited to the kind of items we can take in. People or businesses that are interested in donating are encouraged to check the eligibility of a donation before heading to our location.

If you are unsure if your item meets our donation qualifications, we have an “Offer to Bring Your Donation” form that you can use to determine eligibility. A member of our team will assess the item or items and send a response within a couple of business days.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts the following corporate donations:

  • Antique Furniture
  • Artwork and Photography
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Office Furniture
  • Appliances
  • and More

If your company is currently unable to donate physical goods but would still like to get involved, we also gladly accept volunteer assistance. Your business and skills could be able to help a cause like ours, and we strongly encourage companies that are wanting to give back to ask us about our volunteer opportunities.

Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore is extremely grateful for all corporate donations and every volunteer that comes through our doors. We are able to receive corporate donations from those in Newark, Jefferson, Bridgewater, Summit, Berkeley Heights and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more for more information on donations or becoming a ReStore volunteer!


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