Donation Drop Off for Those in Randolph, Denville, Bridgewater, Summit, Berkeley Heights & Neighboring Areas

Donation Drop Off Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore is proud to be the store that builds homes. For over ten years, we’ve served our community by leveraging volunteer work, donated materials and proceeds in order to partner with families in need to build them affordable homes. We have a donation drop off area at our location that is available during our store hours to be as convenient as possible for those who are wanting to give to our cause.

Our donation center accepts a wide variety of items, and we appreciate every donation that comes through our door. However, due to the nature of our organization, we can only take items that meet our specified qualifications. We aim to give the people who shop in our store the top quality products and services they are looking for and we will not accept anything less in our donation center.

Donation qualifications may include:

  • 100% operable equipment and appliances
  • Equipment and appliances in near perfect cosmetic condition with no obvious scratches or dents
  • Appliances must be 6 years or newer and thoroughly cleaned
  • Showers, bathtubs and sinks must be brand new inventory items

More qualifications can be found throughout our website or by talking to a Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore team member.

When you bring your donations to Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you know you are helping a great cause. Whether your items are used directly in the building of new homes for deserving families throughout our local communities or placed into our inventory to raise funds, each donation we receive at our donation drop off goes a long way to helping us meet our goal of serving over 200 families in the coming years.

Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore has an efficient donation drop off process for those in Randolph, Denville, Bridgewater, Summit, Berkeley Heights and the neighboring areas, so please contact us today to learn more about our donation center and what types of items we are currently accepting.


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