Make A Donation In Parsippany, Newark, Morristown, Jefferson, Warren & Neighboring Areas

make a donation If you want to make a donation to improve the lives of people in your community, consider the Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Since 2007, we have helped in the building of 18 affordable homes for hard-working families with the generous donations from individuals and business owners. We have also helped the local environment by diverting more than 5,100 tons of materials out of landfills and into the homes of people who can reuse or repurpose the items.

There are many ways to make a donation to our Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore including the following:

  • Individuals and business owners can donate money.
  • You can donate new or used household items such as furniture, appliances or sports equipment.
  • Corporations can donate obsolete or slow-moving inventory.
  • Tradespeople can donate custom cabinets, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tools and more.
  • Artists can donate their prints, paintings, photographs or other artwork.
  • Anyone can donate their time by volunteering at our ReStore.

Because we are a non-profit organization, individuals who donate money or items earn a charitable tax deduction, and corporations are usually entitled to the IRS Section 170 e 3 corporate charitable tax deduction when they make a donation of inventory to our ReStore. When you donate money or make a donation of new or used items to the Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we will always give you a receipt to use for your tax purposes.

We are also always in need of volunteers. Without people who donate their time to fill our administrative, warehouse, customer service and other support needs, we would not exist. Contact us today if you live in Parsippany, Newark, Morristown, Jefferson, Warren or the neighboring areas and are looking for a way to improve the lives of others by donating your new and gently used items to our ReStore or volunteering your time to help us reach our goal of building 80 homes by the year 2020.

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