Non Profit Organizations Near Newark, Morristown, Denville, Roxbury Township, Jefferson & Neighboring Areas

Non Profit Organizations There are so many wonderful non profit organizations to choose to support, all with their own causes that help make the world a better place. Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore strives to do our part by being a resource for home rehabilitation and construction for people in need throughout our community. We operate thanks to the contributions from our many donors and volunteers. Something as seemingly small as a furniture donation can help us reach our mark and move forward on constructing or restoring someone’s forever home. While we focus on the big picture, we never forget the small acts of kindness which propel us forward in our mission.

Home rehabilitation is time consuming and can become very expensive. Thus, it is important that our projects be completed on schedule. Unlike many other non profit organizations, we utilize a retail warehouse that helps fund our larger mission. We accept many high quality items, which surprises some people who take a walk through our warehouse. More and more people are letting go of the stigma that can come with reusing and recycling furniture, especially when they see our inventory.

Some of these fine items can be found in our warehouse thanks to generous donations:

  • Antique Dressers
  • Antique Cabinets
  • Dining Tables
  • China
  • Silver
  • And More!

Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore is proud to be such a valuable resource for those in our community. We use our retail proceeds to fund projects that truly change people’s lives. We would love for you to consider us the next time you are planning on disposing of a piece of furniture you’ve loved in your home. Whether you are downsizing or simply upgrading to a new look, we gladly accept any furniture donation that meets our quality and safety standards. We are just one of the non profit organizations near Newark, Morristown, Denville, Roxbury, Township, Jefferson and the neighboring areas, but we have truly noteworthy cause. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help us give back!

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