Used Building Materials for Newark, Jefferson, Bridgewater & Beyond

Used Building Materials Even if a renovation project is perfectly planned, you may still experience setbacks that can cut into the overall budget and increase your timeline. Whether you are flipping a house or simply giving an outdated room some overdue TLC, finding quality used building materials can help severely minimize costs and even help make an unexpected issue less costly. Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore has a wide variety of reclaimed building materials that can add value to any home project. From doors and paint to windows, lighting and more, our inventory includes items that can help cut down the cost of your project.

There are many different projects a homeowner or investor can take on. One of the more popular home renovations is upgrading the bathrooms. Dated bathrooms are arguably one of the biggest issues homeowners or buyers come across when purchasing a fixer upper or upgrading the bathroom in their current home. We have an assortment of items that can help you update your bathroom. Examples include:

  • Bath Vanities
  • Pedestal Sinks
  • Lighting
  • Assorted Knobs
  • Paint
  • Mirrors

Depending on what used building materials your project requires, Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore could potentially help you to acquire many of items on your list. With our collection of reclaimed building materials, finding all of the materials needed for your renovation will take less time and less money when you choose to source your materials from us.

In addition to our broad assortment of used building materials, we also offer our customers a wide variety of other items they might need to polish off their new space. From bedroom furniture and dining room tables to artwork and home décor, Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore can potentially provide everything you need for a total room makeover.

Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore supplies furniture, art, décor, appliances and used building materials to those in Newark, Jefferson, Bridgewater and beyond. We also gladly welcome individual and corporate donations of new and like-new items and are always accepting new volunteers. Stop by for more information on joining our team of volunteers or to see how we can help with your latest renovation, or contact us now for information on making a corporate donation. Whether you are shopping, donating or volunteering, you are making a difference by helping us provide deserving community members with affordable housing, and we appreciate you!


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