Where to Donate Furniture for Those in Randolph, Hope, Rockaway, Warren, Jefferson & Beyond

where to donate furniture There’s no need to wonder where to donate furniture in our community. We believe there is no better place to donate furniture and other items than Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Where else can you donate to charity and know that your donation will go towards building and renovating housing for hardworking families in our communities? The tax deductible donations made to our store, and the funds generated from those donations have helped us build 18 homes since 2007.

People who are interested in the environment might like to know where to donate furniture and other unwanted items to keep them out of landfills. When you donate to Morris Habitat for Humanity Restore, your furniture will be sold to someone who will reuse it or repurpose it, instead of your furniture being hauled off to the garbage dump. In fact, over 5,100 tons of usable materials have been diverted out of landfills and into our store for resale since 2007.

Whether you have building supplies or high-end collectibles that you want to donate to charity, we welcome and appreciate your donations. Most of the items that we accept for donation at Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore are eligible for an income tax deduction. We have numerous categories of merchandise that can be donated and resold in our store including the following and more:

  • Appliances
  • Artwork
  • Décor
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen
  • Tools

Our ReStore Collection includes upscale items such estate jewelry, fine art, antiques and more. To generate the highest return on the fine items that you donate, these specialty items are usually only available for purchase on the ReStore website or during our online auctions.

When you want to help change the lives of hardworking families, Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore is where to donate furniture, gently used items or your time, and by simply shopping at our ReStore, you are helping us reach our goal of building 80 homes by 2020. If you live in Randolph, Hope, Rockaway, Warren or Jefferson, contact us today to learn more about the Morris Habitat for Humanity Restore, a Charity Navigator 4-star charity.

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